Endangered cultural heritage

An important task of Minorities Records is to raise awareness about endangered stocks of cultural materials or other objects of ethnical minorities which are kept in private collections or otherwise stored in unsafe conditions, making their long-time conservation uncertain. Digitization offers the possibility to preserve these at least by the means of digital copies. The present website will offer documentations on such stocks by providing a geografical reference and a short description which may help to organize a timely digitization.

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A prime example of failed cultural policies on local, regional and national level which can not only severely affect concrete cultural materials like books or paintings, but even highly representative buildings in urban areas: the Great Synagogue of Constanţa (Romania) as of 2014, exposed to physical degradation since the early 1990s due to gross neglicence of the responsible public institutions. Photo credit: Dejan Petrovic, http://www.jewish-heritage-europe.eu/galleries/romania-photo-galleries/constanta-romania


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