Monthly Archives: July 2015

Minorities Records – a blog dedicated to the digitization of minority heritage

In the past years major regional and national digital libraries have been founded in every European state. Despite their partially high technical standards these libraries do not follow yet in the most cases digitization strategies which would serve the representation of the entire cultural heritage of their collection area: almost all digitized materials belong to the state nation, i.e. the majority, while the cultural heritage of the historical ethnical minorities within the state as well as of the own minorities abroad is mostly neglected or not properly presented by a clear separation from the majority’s materials. The result is a substantially reduced or even fragmentary presentation of minority heritage in the virtual world in comparison to the majority, similar to the situation criticized by Jean-Noël Jeanneney regarding the dominance of the English language and culture.

The proposed blog discusses the challenge of properly digitizing and presenting minority heritage by establishing a communication platform for the international community for cultural and information science, for the digital humanities as well as for librarians and archivists – and for the representatives of the minorities themselves.