For providing comprehensive and substantial information on the issue of digitizing and presenting ethnical minority heritage, the contribution of librarians, archivists and other humanities researchers who are involved into digitization processes is kindly requested.

You can submit articles for the following main categories:

General information (news on organizational issues like cultural policies, working groups, funding programs, new digital libraries etc.)

Project presentations (provide an overview on your institution’s projects or digitization programs)

Project proposals (inform about important desiderata by presenting a concept for viable future projects; please include funding prospects)

Stock presentations (provide short overviews on stocks of cultural materials within institutions or private collections which are especially relevant for digitization. Special regard is to be given to physically endangered stocks (see also the page Endangered cultural heritage). Please elaborate the possibilities for their timely digitization)

Strategy papers (discuss the outlines of digitization strategies for the heritage of certain minorities)

Progress reports (periodical reviews on the digitization process on the heritage of certain minorities)

Technology discussions (reviews on new tools, developments and other technical aspects which can substantially contribute to digitizing and presenting minority heritage)

Crowdsourcing (discuss or review crowdsourcing projects or concepts with regard to the fact that crowdsourcing is of special importance for the digitization of minority heritage)

Scientific events (announcements or reports on conferences or important cultural events)

Please send your proposals or articles to

Please note: the editorial staff reserves the right of shortening longer articles and undertaking minimal emendations.

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