“Saxonica” – digitization project on the history of daily life of the Transylvanian Saxons

With support of the Institute for German Culture and History in Southeastern Europe (Munich/Germany, www.ikgs.de) a group of young historians from Germany and Romania is seeking to document the daily life of the German minority in Transylvania in the 20th century. The team will interview members of the minority in an oral history approach and search for personal materials like diaries and private letters which are suitable for digitization.

The digitized materials as well as the accounts will be freely accessible. The project aims at providing insights into the daily life of the minority abroad of the ,big history’ events and their dominating narratives. The importance of this project is obvious due to the fact that the historical German minority in Romania will almost completely disappear within a generation. Saving at least a part of its historical memory is therefore an important cultural contribution.

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