Endangered heritage – the case of the Transylvanian Saxon fortress churches

With regard to the previous article about 3D reconstruction of destroyed or decayed historical buildings, there is unfortunately a recent case where such an application is necessary after all what is left of a historical fortress church tower is only debris:


Photo: Christian Chelu (http://www.siebenbuerger.de/zeitung/artikel/rumaenien/16428-kampf-gegen-die-zeit-erste.html)

On February 19 the tower of the Transylvanian Saxon church in Rothbach (rom. Rotbav), built in 1738, collapsed entirely. Rothbach is not an isolated case – other churches are also showing very visible signs of imminent ruin, as are other buildings of minorities in Romania – but just the final stage of decay which awaits almost an entire cultural landscape due to an overburdened state and community.


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