Determining the identity canon of a multicultural region – public online survey of the Borussia Foundation

The well-known Borussia Foundation (Fundacja Borussia Olsztyn / Borussia – Stiftung und Kulturgemeinschaft Olsztyn/Allenstein), dedicated to researching and conveying the culture and history of the historical regions of Warmia and Masuria, recently started a highly interesting and promising online survey. Its aim is to determine the identity canon of the people living or affiliated to the regions by choosing subjects from the following four categories:

  1. Works of literature
  2. Personalities
  3. Places
  4. Historical events

The provided lists of subjects are fortunately not overly official – one can e.g. choose as a representative personality either the philosopher Immanuel Kant or the German football coach Udo Lattek -, thus reflecting the refreshing lack of rigid political correctness of the foundation and its openness to the cultural and ethnical diversity of the regions. The survey is open until 29 February, with the results being published on 10 March.

One may hope that similar public, simple and efficient surveys using the internet will also be undertaken elsewhere.


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