Networking in the process of digitizing German-language cultural heritage from Eastern Europe

[Contribution to the Strategy paper on the digitization of the German-language cultural heritage from Eastern Europe:]

The formation of efficient organizational structures is essential for the coordination of the process which would otherwise be slowed down and miss the utilization of synergetic potentials like e.g. the division of labour and competences. The creation of an informal group as a think-tank on the digitization of German-language cultural heritage seems adequate for this purpose. Beside discussing and evaluating the general progress on annual meetings, this group should further try to exchange experiences with state officials and thus contribute to the shaping of new funding programs which would increase the financial possibilities for future projects. Funding for these activities however remains a challenge and therefore necessitates the active contribution of its members. A starting point for a series of such activities could be a conference on the digitization of minority heritage in Eastern Europe which would bring together numerous institutions and pave the way for future collaborational activities.

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